Distran Ultra Pro X won the industry decarbonization Trophy (Hydrogénies)

Distran wins the Hydrogénies Trophy | Distran Ultra Pro X

Distran Ultra Pro X: the solution for industry decarbonization

Distran ranks among the winners of the Hydrogénies Trophy. During the ceremony on the 24th of May 2023, eight laureates received awards in various categories such as renewable industries, zero emissions in transportation, and education for the climate changes.

With the prize for the decarbonization of the industry, the jury recognizes Distran and its Acoustic Leak Imaging technology as a solution for de-carbonizing the industrial activities using renewable and low-carbon hydrogen. In particular, sectors such as steel-making, cement production, fertilizer manufacturing, and synthetic fuels can capitalize on this strategy of reducing the carbon footprint.

The Hydrogenies Trophy was established in collaboration with the French Energy Agency ADEME, the French Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association France Hydrogène, and the European Energy Transition Council in 2019.

“Distran Ultra Pro X acoustic camera offers non-intrusive
and remote operation for gas leak detection”

Hydrogen leaks pose a danger, since hydrogen is a highly flammable gas and prone to escape. With the ATEX-certified (intrinsically safe) Distran Ultra Pro X acoustic imaging camera, you can optimize your work and safety in all areas of your plant areas.

The award underlines how the Distran Ultra Pro X supports this effort by revolutionizing the detection of hydrogen leaks:

  • The Distran Ultra Pro X acoustic camera is a non-contact method, unlike traditional leak detection methods requiring to enter in contact with the gas to be able to detect its presence. The Distran camera is also efficient outdoors.
  • Operators can safely inspect hydrogen systems at a distance. This feature enhances both operator safety and efficiency, particularly in large-scale industrial plants.
  • The Distran Ultra Pro X acoustic camera detects all gas types. This enables comprehensive leak detection programs and promoting overall safety across multiple industries.
Hydrogen Leak on Bottle connection - ATEX Zone

The ultrasound camera pinpoints the leaks from a safe distance. The device’s screen displays the precise location of the leaks and the quantified leak rates in real-time.

Learn more about the detection of hydrogen leaks here.

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