Control room / Production hall Distran camera compartment

Be always ready to survey for leaks with the Distran wall mounted box with dual chargers

Ultra Ready is a protective wall-mounted box, compatible with Ultra Pro, Ultra Pro X and Ultra CE. It holds 2 built-in battery chargers to recharge the batteries after each inspection and be ready for the following one.

In control rooms:

Ultra Ready allows round operators, maintenance operators or emergency responders to easily access the camera with the absolute certainty to find a charged battery. There is a QR-code on the box, which directs towards a short training video, viewable on any smartphone. This video enables even untrained operators to correctly operate the camera within 15 minutes. If needed, camera usage can be restricted by placing a padlock (not included).

In production halls:

Placed in a production hall, Ultra Ready makes Ultra Pro or Ultra CE, accessible to any operator when a leak is suspected or when every part has to be checked.
Two batteries can be charged in parallel at full charging speed, away from dust.

Ultra Ready

Wall mountable box with two battery chargers and integrated lighting

Technical specifications *


Ultra Pro, Ultra Pro X, Ultra CE

Size (H × W × D)

555 × 450 × 250 mm (21.9 × 17.7 × 9.8 in)

Weight (without camera)

11.5 kg (24.3 lb)

Charging capacity

2 built-in chargers, simultaneous charging

Charging duration

70% after 1 hour, 99% after 3 hours

Electrical input

100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power cable length

2.5 m (8 ft)

Operating temperature range

0 – 40 °C (32 – 104 °F)

Storage temperature range

-10 – 70°C (14 – 158°F)

Note: batteries and acoustic cameras are sold separately.

* This box is not ATEX rated and should be placed outside ATEX areas

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