Training with Ultra Pro acoustic camera

Make the best with Ultra Pro

Training is essential for the success of your measurements.
We will train you so that you can make the best out of Ultra Pro.
If you choose to buy a discovery package or a device, we won’t let you alone.

Our training courses are performed by certified instructors, that have a long experience with the device and performed many inspections in industrial environments.

Moreover, all instructors are required to hold the Distran Training Certificate Level 2.

During a training the participants will learn:

what are the detection capabilities of the device

how to perform leaks search reliably in a complex industrial environment

how to interpret the various acoustic images

how to make reports efficiently

Training course Distran Ultrasound imager

Preparation of the training

Making the training a success

Preparation is the key of all trainings. In particular, making sure that the participants and the trainer will be able to access seamlessly the industrial site to perform leak searches is essential to a successful training. The closer the training to the conditions the participants will later use the device, the more efficient the training will be.

To prepare for the on-site training, the participant are invited to attend the online training. You will receive the access codes together with the instructions for the onsite training.

Content of an on-site training

A theoretical part (classroom)

A practical part in the field

The making of the report (classroom)

A final test that validates the training

Successful participants will receive a certificate attesting their success to the training.

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