Senior Software Engineer, embedded

in Zurich, Switzerland

About Distran

Who we are

Distran invented the world first ultrasonic camera, an extraordinary device able to see the sounds. What for? To see gas leaks (which emit ultrasounds) before they get dangerous to the humans or to the environment. It is not science fiction, it is already used by major industrial companies in more than 20 countries!

We are a growing team of 20 people developing, producing and selling this very sophisticated device, processing in real time about 1 Gbps.

Do you feel concerned about climate change and the protection of the environment? Do you love technology? Join us to make a decisive step in this journey!

the Distran team at work

Responsibilities for the Senior Software Engineer, embedded job


The embedded software running on our Ultrasound cameras is at the core of Distran technology, with a strong focus on high performance and reliability. We also develop a large sets of tools and software solutions to organize production, quality, updates and management of our fleet. As an embedded software architect, you will help Distran building ever faster and more sophisticated devices, though ever simpler and more integrated for our users.

  • Work within the team developing the Ultrasound camera software:

    • Write code and implement new features
    • Ensure continuous integration and reliable development.
    • Document the software architecture.
    • Participate in sprint reviews/demos.
  • Be responsible for sprints organization

    • Conduct sprint planning and effort estimation sessions
    • Guide the work break-down process of large tasks
    • Contribute to sprint scope definition.
  • Contribute to planning and integration of software work within the company

    • Report project and feature development status within the development team and to management
    • Collaborate with product owners and other stakeholders to coordinate the implementation concepts and planning of future features and projects.
    • For each release, collaborate with Application Engineers to ensure seamless field testing, deployment on the fleet and communication towards Customers and Sales.
    • Take on an active role in project tracking and release scope definition to enable the forecast of >delivery dates.

Requirements for the Senior Software Engineer, embedded job


  • More than 5 year Software developer experience
  • Strong C++ development experience, both writing and debugging
  • Familiarity with ARM platform
  • Work experience in a company developing embedded products
  • Team management experience of at least 3 years
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
  • Willingness to learn new technologies
  • Ability to take decisions and responsibilities, ability to take technical leadership, leading project teams, and setting technical direction.


  • Experience or interest in GUI design
  • Proficiency in Python
  • Experience with remotely updated devices

What we offer

Bringing a groundbreaking product from a nice technology to a market best seller is a challenging yet rewarding social and professional experience. This job is for you if you like to give meaning to your work and have a strong impact on a product and on a company.

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Offer added/modified on Dec. 4, 2020